Hand Painted Mailbox LARGE CAPACITY Post Mount Pansies

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Our Pansies hand painted LARGE post mount mailbox can be personalized and customized at no extra charge. 2016-01-17Choose the color of your mailbox, your personalization, and even choose the color of a painted design element on your mailbox.  We carefully paint-to-order your customization requests with our own original hand painted design.  We take great pride and love our work, so your order will be painted with TLC and will be ready to be shipped within 2-4 weeks.

Our Pansies design is available on a white or black large capacity post mount mailbox. Choose your mailbox color preference in the above marked field.   Shown is a large capacity, Solar Group Vintage Series - Elite, white, steel, post mount mailbox, its dimensions are: 10.7/8" H x 8 1/2" W  x 22 1/4" D.

We offer Free Personalization. If you'd like one or the other, either your house number, or one (1) name hand painted on the mailbox,  we will be happy to paint it at no extra charge. The locations for personalization are either the mailbox door or above the flag on flag side of mailbox.  We charge $5.99 for an additional name or house number.

 Mailbox Customizing and Purchasing Instructions:

 If you'd like free personalization on your mailbox, please check the box in the marked field above and type your personalization (name or number) exactly as you want us to paint it.  Then, check the next box and select the location for your personalization.  If you'd like to change the color of a painted design element on your mailbox, select the object on the mailbox you want  to change, and in the next box tell us what color you want.  You can be as detailed as you wish.  Its easy!  But if you have any questions, we are only a call or email away.   If you want an additional name or number hand painted on your mailbox, check off and fill in the "Additonal $5.99 Personalization" with your personalization request and location.  Please type it exactly as you want us to paint it.    Feel welcome to contact us with any of  your questions.

USPS Priority and FedEx Ground Shipping is FREE within the contiguous U.S.A.  All mailboxes are carefully packed in bubble wrap and shipped in their sturdy, original boxes.

 We also offer a $15.99  package with your full Street Name & Numbers hand painted on both sides of the mailbox.  Simply check off and fill in the appropriate box with the numbers and street name to be hand painted on the mailbox.  Please type it exactly as you want it to be painted.  We will work in the personalization to best fit the design.



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