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No surprise shipping cost!  Enjoy our  FREE SHIPPING on all of our mailboxes.

Take part in designing your own hand painted mailbox!  Choose the color of your mailbox, choose your personalization, you can even choose the color of a painted design element on your decorative mailbox at no additional cost!  We carefully paint-to-order your customization requests with our own original hand painted designs.  We take great pride and love our work, and your beautiful painted mailbox will be painted with TLC and will be ready to ship in about 5-6 weeks.

All hand painted mailboxes are generously treated with a protecting clear coat specifically made for outdoor use.  All post mount mailboxes are decoratively painted on both sides.  The mailbox doors all have a decoration added to them as well  Most are painted with identical designs on each side, however; for personalization purposes, there are a couple mailboxes which have varying amounts of the design on each side. 

Each mailbox is painted upon it's order.  We ship via USPS and FedEx (Sorry, no shipping to P.O. Boxes.)

Post Mount Mailbox color choices are:  WHITE,  BRONZE  and  BLACK

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If you have any questions at all, please feel welcomed to email us at:  CottageAndCabana@gmail.com

Be sure to view the 2nd page too, for MORE beautiful mailbox designs!  ~>

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Hand Painted Mailboxes, post mounts, decorative painted mailboxes