How to Care for Hand Painted Mailboxes

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Taking care of a hand painted mailbox is much easier than you think.

Forget those outdated instructions telling you to re-seal your mailbox each year, and disregard what you've heard about the need for constant and frequent washings of your mailbox.  These things are simply not necessary.

An important step to remember in taking care of hand painted mailboxes is to not do anything to your mailbox for 3 weeks and let your mailbox do all the work.  Yes, during the first three weeks, your mailbox needs to do a work-out of its own.  You might be wondering just what kind of working out does a hand painted mailbox do?  Naturally, it will need to do an aerobic work-out.  Well, not THAT kind of aerobic work out; its an aerobic curing to be precise.  An aerobic cure is more technically referred to as an out-gassing.  The solvents in the sealer need to out-gas (evaporate).

Once your painted mailbox has out-gassed, you can then wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth to make sure its dirt free.( Its important that there is nothing that will be abrasive on your mailbox.) Then gently apply a liquid car wax and with a soft cloth, very gently buff it.  The car wax (any brand) will provide an additional layer of protection for your mailbox.  Waxing your mailbox twice a year is sufficient, but for those of you who live in extreme climates, waxing your mailbox once each season is optimal.

As I mentioned, its important that you wait 3 weeks to allow your mailbox to out-gas before you wax it however.  Waxing before the mailbox has out-gassed can cause the sealer to permanently cloud up.  An additional measure to keep your mailbox looking new is to use galvanized screws to mount your mailbox.  This will help insure that no rust from the mounting screws will stain your mailbox.
Waxing your painted mailbox will significantly prolong the life of your mailbox.  Waxing is an extremely easy and cost effective method of getting additional years to enjoy hand painted mailboxes.
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