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Cottage and Cabana offers Jellybean rugs and nautical throw rugs in a variety of colors and patterns.  Jellybean rugs ship out (free!) in about 2 business days of purchase.

Jellybean Rugs  are durable, washable, indoor and outdoor, mold resistant, fade resistant (accent) throw rugs.  If we are out of stock on a Jellybean rug that you're interested in, please let us know; we can order and have it for you in about 2-3 weeks.

Jellybean® rugs are bright, fun, and colorful! All Jellybean rugs are machine washable! When something is spilled on a Jellybean® it lives up to it's famous tagline; "washes better than your jeans!" Throw your Jellybean® in the wash and watch it come out good as new! The beautiful and bright colors were made to last through many, many washes. Even outdoors on your porch or patio, your Jellybean Rug will stand up to heat, cold, and won't fade in the sunlight. They are just as at home outside as they are inside your home. There is a Jellybean Rug for everyone, so feel free to buy for yourself, your friends, your family, anyone. Even kids love Jellybean Rugs, too.  They are also perfect for pets. Slide one under the litter box, pet food and water bowls, your pet's favorite napping spot, or anywhere else. The possibilities are endless when you have a Jellybean rug. 

Scroll below for care instructions for your Jellybean rug.


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Machine wash your Jellybean™ rug in cold water with like colors on a gentle cycle.  Use no bleach.  DO NOT IRON.  To dry your Jellybean rug,  line dry or dry flat.

DO NOT pull loose yarns as you may unravel them.  Instead, carefully trim any pilling that may occur on the surface of your rug.

We recommend that you use a liner underneath your Jellybeanrug to prevent it from traveling or sliding.

Your Jellybean rug can be used outside under direct or indirect sunlight.  Keep your Jellybean® rug away from swimming pool water as the chlorine bleach may damage the color of your rug.

With minimal care, your Jellybean® rug will retain its beautiful design and its bright colors