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Sealites, 20 LED Seashells String Lights, Light Set

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Bring some seaside style to your home with this beautiful battery operated (3 AA not included) seashell string 20 LED light set.  Made with REAL shells, this lovely nautical light set will add elegance to any home or cottage.  White cord measures 6 ft in total length and shells are about 1" diameter.  Because natural shells are all imperfect in shape, they cannot all be sized exactly the same to make a perfect front and back match-up, so glue (clear) can sometimes be seen between where some of the shells are attached together. 


Naturally, care should be given when handling the delicate light string, but I have thoroughly inspected each and every light on the string and double checked that all shells are firmly adhered together.  I've taken several large photos so that you may zoom-in to have a close look.


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