Creative Ways to Use Hand Painted Mailboxes

Mailboxes aren’t just for mail anymore.  Part 1.

Many of us have already seen those beautiful hand painted mailboxes used for envelopes at a wedding.  Decorative hand painted mailboxes are also used for envelopes at bridal showers and graduation parties, too.  But, the many other creative ways decorative mailboxes are used will probably surprise you. 

I’ve painted mailboxes for years and have had many happy customers excited to report back to me their unique ways of using their mailboxes, and here is part one the list for you, to get your creative juices flowing with ideas you can use.

A birdhouse.  This is one of my all time favorites.  A post mount mailbox hung on the top of a pole of a clothes line.  It apparently is the right size and was hung at the right height for birds to nest in.  I’m told that each year birds nest in the mailbox.  The first bird family to make the mailbox home, was a cute little pair of Martins. 

A planter.  While it is common to use a wall mount for a planter, both post mounts and wall mounts have been used as planters by my customers.  Initially I wasn’t sure that a post mount  would be a great idea, but I have to admit that the post mount with cascading blooms trailing down was beautiful.

A breadbox. A sweet lady who loves everything with shabby chic roses, uses one of my roses mailboxes as her breadbox. Who knew a loaf of bread fit inside of a post mount mailbox so perfectly? She proudly displays it on her counter for all to see.

An umbrella holder.  A post mount mailbox turned lid side up is a great size for an umbrella holder.  It can hold both full size and retractable types.  This will be my next umbrella holder, I just need to decide upon the painted design I want.

There are too many cute and creative ways people are using hand painted mailboxes to detail on just one blog post, so we’ll stop here.  Keep an eye out for part 2 for more great ideas.

Tina – Cottage and Cabana

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