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Do you love roses like I do?  Roses are one of my favorite things to paint on my hand painted mailboxes.  I enjoy painting all varieties and all colors of roses.  We are soon approaching  the most romantic month of the year, and while roses can’t grow in most areas of our country in the winter season, we can fortunately still enjoy beautiful painted roses.

William Shakespeare’s lines from Romeo and Juliet, “That by which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”,  tells us that what’s important is what something is and not what we call it.  And I believe that must also be applicable to the meanings associated with roses, because those meanings have been used almost from the beginning of time and are basically universal.   Did you know that there is a meaning associated for each and every rose’s color? 

To help you with your February flower purchases, or perhaps your hand painted  mailbox purchase, here is a list of rose colors meanings:

  • White Rose:  White roses since the beginning of time have represented purity and innocence.
  • Red Rose: Symbolizes courage and respect and depicts the passion of a person.
  • Pink Rose:  Pink roses are an example of happiness and elegance.
  • Yellow Rose: Represents friendship, caring and joy and is the traditional symbol of friendship.
  • Peach Rose:  Indicates the feelings of appreciation and sincerity.
  • Lavender Rose:  Symbolizes love at first sight. 
  • Coral Rose:  A coral rose symbolizes desire.

Although I love them all, my favorite color rose is a peach colored rose, and I also find the meaning of a peach rose to also be lovely.  What is your favorite rose color? 

hand painted mailboxes roses

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