What Brings You Joy?

hand painted blue bird and cherry tree mailbox

Welcome to Cottage and Cabana’s hand painted mailboxes new blog!  While in the past we have written FYI and DIY articles and blogs about hand painted items, mainly hand painted mailboxes, we’ve found that blogging is not only enjoyable, but can be helpful to you, as well as us.   With my background in Nursing, Small Business, Teaching, and Arts, there’s a great variety of fun and interesting topics we can explore.  I would like to focus our blogs on the helpful and fun aspects of art and hand painting, home decor, health and well being, and small business ownership.  Why?  Because joy can be found here. Certainly painting brings me joy, but also even small business ownership brings me joy.   Read our blogs and along the way, you just might find your joy along the way.  And, I hope you will join us by not just reading but leaving comments!

What is joy? Joy (joi)  a state of happiness or felicity.  This is the definition according to Merriam-Webster.  I see joy as small bites of happiness.  Little building blocks of happy that connect to make a big, more permanent feeling, joy.  This is a life style and a choice.  Happiness ebbs and flows, but joy, once discovered, becomes a part of you.    I want to find these little happiness pieces and make them a part of my everyday.  Wouldn’t you like to do the same?   My aim is to find what gives me joy and learn to focus on that, and not the parts of my life and the world around me that try to destroy joy.  We want to invite you, the reader, on this journey and hopefully find your own joy. Please follow us!

hand painted decorative mailbox with sweet blue birds building a nest

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